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At Pure Retirement we recognise that the current generation of over-50s are leading more active lives than ever before, be it later-life athletes, those doing philanthropic work, or those showing entrepreneurial spirit or an eye for innovation well into their later years.

We believe that those in later life who are challenging stereotypes deserve greater recognition and celebration, and have created a section on our website dedicated to profiling those who are reshaping perceptions of what over-50s can achieve.

Below are quotes taken from interviews with some Sensational Sportspeople.
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I always knew that golf was always going to be my profession, and I probably started feeling that around the age of 10 years old... read more

Michael Campbell

[The social side of walking football] is very important and many friendships have grown as a result of the sport. Here at Chesterfield our Senior Spireites members organise summer cycle rides in the Peak District and a number of them also now come to watch Chesterfield matches together... read more

John Croot, inventor of walking football

I founded the National Governing Body after seeing there was a vacuum within the sport, with no one taking on such an important role. It’s been great to work to grow the sport since, and it’s something we hope to continue doing going forward... read more

Paul Carr, Walking Football Association chief executive

[Walking football] was originally created with the over 50’s in mind and I find it incredible how quickly the sport has grown. I am particularly pleased to read and see that the concept has developed and given the idea for other sports such as walking netball and walking basketball... read more

John Croot, inventor of walking football

Fun, friendship and fitness is our mantra. In that order. The banter and social side of the sport is unique for this age group, and to be able to provide an avenue for people to both socialise and take part in physical activty is really gratifying... read more

Paul Carr, Walking Football Association chief executive

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