Our Flexible Lifetime Mortgages

Put your customers on the road to a better retirement journey

Your customer's requirements aren't always straightforward

Our client scenarios illustrate examples of how you can secure funds for your customers, guiding them toward a brighter financial future. Explore four scenarios that highlight how equity release can address your customers individual needs.

Client Scenario 1

Margaret Springfield

Margaret explores how equity release can help her repay the capital left on her interest only mortgage.

Client Scenario 2

Penny & Peter Bull

How Penny & Peter bought their dream home with a lifetime mortgage.

Client Scenario 3

Gavin & Carmen Perkin

Gavin & Carmen, a married couple, use a single application to release funds for repairs and to pay off debts.

Client Scenario 4

Claire Ravenclaw

Here's how Claire used a lifetime mortgage to simplify asset-splitting in her divorce settlement.

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