Flexible Lifetime Mortgages

For Flexible Lives

Flexible Solutions for your Customer
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Flexibility is at the core of everything we do, offering:

  • Flexible repayment options
  • Flexible options for high value properties and loans with our Elite ranges
  • Accommodating lending criteria across our product ranges

Helping your customers reach their retirement goals

  • A dedicated Customer Account Servicing team who deal exclusively with the over-55s
  • Customer-facing literature to help your customers best understand their options
  • A customer-focused culture that puts the needs of plan holders first
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We’re proud to deliver award winning support when it comes to helping you reach your clients:

  • The most flexible marketing toolkit in the industry
  • Ever-evolving online portal with all that you need in one place
  • A wide range of events with our dedicated Intermediary Sales Team
Flexible Solutions for your Customer

Flexible solutions for flexible lives

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