Ed Halliwell

After university I attended the College of Law before joining Barclays Bank Plc to handle their complaints just as the endowment selling scandal hit in the late 90’s. I then joined Cavendish Equity Release, one of the few equity release intermediaries in UK and Reversionary lenders in the UK at the time. After this I joined Pure in June 2015 and I am committed to making the compliance regime in Pure transparent and approachable. In my spare time I would like to have hobbies but I spend most of my time playing taxi for my three children and unblocking the shower plughole due to hair blockages. A pass time made all the more horrific as it reminds me of my own lack of hair. I recall the 80’s and 90’s and therefore have a distant recollection of when chart music was good.

Rebecca Devonport

At pure, I have been given the opportunity to build a career within a welcoming and supportive environment and have joined a friendly team who share my sense of humour. I was excited to join Pure from the offset as it was apparent that this is a company who actively invests in their people... also I heard there was pizza. As a compliance assistant my work ranges across all areas of the business which offers a varied work load. There is always something new to learn as the financial and regulatory sectors change, throwing up new challenges to overcome. In my spare time I like to wrestle alligators and walk my dog (who also wrestles alligators)... some of those may or may not be true.

Amanda Crawford

I originally started out as a nursery nurse. (I know how did I end up here?) After a big jump across to the banking industry for five years I decided I needed another change and found myself in Compliance here at Pure Retirement. Everybody is really approachable and the business has a lovely atmosphere. When I’m not in the business frock I am out exploring the UK to find new beaches in my VW camper, with my awesome little surf dude and our Bubba dog in tow.

Natasha Hatherly

I was currently working in the Financial Sector for a Solicitors firm. I decided I wanted a new challenge and found myself joining the Compliance Team here at Pure. Everybody here made me feel part of the Team from day one. I feel this is a Company that values its staff and wants to help you along with your Career. I am very much looking forward to my future with Pure. In my spare time I like to travel with my Boyfriend, there is always some Country on my list to go visit.

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