Navigating your customers towards a better later life

We are lifetime mortgage specialists, helping to navigate you and your clients throughout the process.

In the last 10 years, we've helped over 52,000 UK customers release more than £5 billion of equity tied up in their homes. We pride ourselves on offering market-leading support and services. Find out how we can assist you and your customers with our new brochure.

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Protecting clients - Consumer Duty

Prioritising Consumer Duty remains paramount in the financial services sector. However, staying updated on Consumer Duty news isn't always plain sailing. We are committed to helping you safeguard your clients and have compiled a range of resources, including blogs and recorded webinars. Let's deliver first-class consumer outcomes together.

Explore the world of lifetime mortgages with Pure Retirement

Our lifetime mortgages are created by experts, to ensure your customers can choose from a range of products tailored to their needs. Whether that means unique lending criteria or flexible product features, we've got them covered.

Downsizing protection

Your customers can downsize to a different property where it meets our lending criteria.

Flexible pricing

Our Emerald, Classic, and Sovereign plans offer flexible pricing, giving up to 1000 pricing points.

21-day rate guarantee

With flexible pricing, each KFI is valid for 21 days, allowing your customers time to consider their options.

Partial repayments

Your customer can make monthly repayments via direct debits of up to 12%, dependent on the product.

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Excellent service - FT Adviser award

We earned the prestigious 5 stars at the FT Financial Adviser Service Awards, thanks to a resounding vote of confidence. The award, rating our new business processing, personal contact, and other services as excellent, stands as a peer-voted testament to our dedication to providing exceptional service by going the extra mile for both financial advisers and their valued customers.

The FT Adviser service awards logo displaying 5 star mortgage provider winner, Pure Retirement.