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Scott Burman

Head of Distribution

Karen Banks

Business Development Manager (Central & East)

Gemma Brown

Business Development Manager (South West & Wales)

Jane Mullan

National Field Sales Manager

Ashley Sampson

Business Development Manager (Central London and Southeast)

Gary Dalton

Business Development Manager (North & Scotland)

Lauren Collins

Senior Intermediary Relationship Executive

Anna Mcquire

TBDM Team Manager

Liz Banks

Telephone BDM (North & Scotland)

Kaitlyn Buxton

Telephone BDM (Central London & Southeast)

Sam Owen

Telephone BDM (South West & Wales)

Nikki Robinson

Telephony Executive

Lewis Banks

Telephone Account Relationship manager

Shelby Marsh

Telephone Account Relationship manager

Daniel Simpson

Telephony Executive

Gemma Beetham

Intermediary Telephone Executive Team Manager

Becky Sumner

Telephone TBDM (Central & East)

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