Senior Management

Underwriting Team

Tracey Warrior
Since joining Pure Retirement in November 2016 as a Property Underwriter I have really enjoyed learning more about the Equity Release Market and the role itself.  The people are fantastic to work with aiming to achieve only the best quality of Service to our Customers along with a fun filled place to work.  The role is extremely diverse which makes each day different and interesting.  Outside of work I am a mum to two teenage girls which I enjoy.  I have also renovated 3 properties one on my own with the two girls in tow which I am proud to say sold in 2 days to a cash buyer who bought it with no survey.  I designed all alterations to the rooms on my own along with working every hour going to finance the project.  I love sport regular attending circuit training, boxercise and killer legs bums and tums and love horses riding and schooling horses when I get the chance.
Beth Empsall
I joined Pure in October 2016 as an Underwriter, I'm really enjoying the team dynamic and how busy the business is becoming. I live in Wakefield and in my spare time I volunteer at The Prince of Wales Hospice in Pontefract as a receptionist.  I enjoy watching documentaries and spending time with my family & friends. Yes, I really am that interesting.
Tiffany Grant
Having worked in Equity Release for a couple of years before joining Pure I was attracted by the opportunity to join a fast growing company that really values its culture and people. It has been almost two years now and I really enjoy the pace at which things move whilst working alongside a great group of people.  In my spare time I enjoy socialising with friends and family, live music, festivals and planning the next trip away.
Julie Slinger
I joined Pure in June 2015 from Barclays. There is good atmosphere and great teamwork, I feel that everyone is working towards the same goals and have enjoyed being involved in the IIP project. In my spare time I love going to the cinema, eating out and watching Liverpool FC. I have just started a dance exercise class, l love beach holidays and have booked to go to Santorini this year.
Leanne Richards
Working at Pure is all about great people, great customer service & a great atmosphere! All the above is something I feel passionate about & is what attracted me to the Underwriting Role in the first place. Getting involved with an application from start to finish gives me complete job satisfaction!
Laura Baxter
I have worked in mortgages for 12 years and joined Pure in October last year.  I'm on the servicing team and enjoy the variety of work from underwriting applications to dealing directly with customers who want to port their lifetime mortgage. Working at Pure is totally different to what I'm used to as it is a smaller company. However, you do feel valued here and everyone works well together.  Outside of work I like spending time with my son, going out with friends, doing boot camps and  doing random things like skydiving, I am always looking for a challenge.
Courtney Henshaw
As soon as I started at Pure Retirement I was made to feel incredibly welcome and comfortable. The team spirit is like no other place I have worked before and everyone is always happy to help. I enjoy my job role as I get to see the whole process of an application through to completion and learn new things every day. When I'm not at work I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and I also love to sing whenever I get the opportunity.
Jatinder Jabbal
Since joining Pure Retirement, I have found my experience very interesting. Not only do I enjoy my role as a Property underwriter but I also enjoy working with the people. The organisation's values and culture imbues such passion in what we do for our customer both internal and external and being part of a team that works together for a common goal and helping each other is very humbling to see. Outside of work, I am a bit of a culture vulture - local art shows, festivals, travelling new destinations. I love to read horrors by James Herbert, Stephen King and Dean Koontz. This summer I plan to take up tennis and something a little more sedate - jewellery making.
Pippa Brown
I'm pretty new to the business and was initially drawn to the role by the diversity in the day to day activities. Since joining, I've seen how nice and welcoming the people here are towards me which is a refreshing change of environment from other jobs I have done. Outside of work I enjoy visiting new places with my friends and watching any one of my favourite American TV shows! I've also always been interested in photography and would like to spend more time developing in that area in addition to getting back into my creative writing.
Gavin Hancock
I've recently joined Pure and can honestly say that it is a pleasure to work for such a friendly company that puts the customer and staff at the very heart of everything. I've been an underwriter for several years and enjoy the inquisitive nature of the role. I enjoy helping customers dreams become a reality whilst also protecting the interests of Pure. When I'm not at work I have my hands full with my family which includes a very energetic 9 month old insomniac! If I do get the odd spare moment I love watching the best sport in the world, Rugby League.
Catherine Spinks
What I love about Pure is the fact I look forward to coming to work in the morning! The atmosphere in the office is busy, but no one is ever too busy to help each other, or have a joke and a smile. I particularly like how upper management  continually keep us in the loop and want us to have our say, and the fact they listen to and have faith in our ideas to make the business even better. When I'm not at work I will probably be found walking around the Yorkshire Dales (or taking a break from the walk with a nice pint!) I also dabble in creative writing but haven't had time to write my great novel yet.
Katie Storey
I started Underwriting at Pure in November 2016 and enjoy being able to see a case from start to finish and being able to get the satisfaction of seeing cases that I've dealt with completing and knowing that the applicants can now have that holiday of a lifetime! I would like to say something impressive such as ‘I enjoy the occasional skydive in my spare time', but I'm really not that cool… I am an avid Rugby League supporter and am a season ticket holder at the Castleford Tigers. I also love going to Florida, I've been 8 times already and many more planned to come.
Simone Fisher
The great thing about Pure Retirement is that they care about their employees and provide help and support in order for them to progress further down the path they wish to take. My role is to help new Underwriters from a mixture of professional backgrounds to flourish and grow within their own role, delivering my own experience and knowledge in order for them to strive as confident underwriters at Pure Retirement. While I'm not at work I enjoy pioneering walks with my dog finished off with a nice cold beer and some good food. Travelling to new places and going to gigs. I also dabble in a little bit of running (mostly to counteract the Food & Beer).
Gemma Grove
I'm the Servicing Team Manager at Pure Retirement. I've been working here for almost 2 and half years now. My team are responsible the ongoing servicing of all of our customer's accounts after the mortgage completes. The work we do is extremely varied as we can be looking at further borrowing applications, partial redemptions, porting applications and much more on a daily basis. I really enjoy working with my team to resolve complex issues and the commitment they show to giving great service to our customers is fantastic. Outside of work, I like going out for meals and drinks with friends or catching the latest films out at the cinema.
Simon Pawson
I've been at Pure since the beginning, starting as an underwriter and moving through to a team manager and then a senior. In the space of 3/4 years I've seen the company grow from a close knit 4 man team in a small back office, to what it is today. I am immensely proud of what has been achieved. I like to think that the spirit that was created in the early days of the company has been passed through to all the many new faces I see in the building today. Although there have been inevitable teething problems associated with the large influx of new starters, I can only see Pure Retirement going from strength to strength in the future. On a personal note, I have a three year old boy (Archibald) who takes up most of my time but when I do have a spare minute I'll try and catch a Leeds game at Elland Road or a Sunday league match on the local pitches. I managed to see Black Sabbath this year on their final tour (supposedly) and am looking forward to seeing Iron Maiden and Melt Banana in the coming months. (I was born a decade to late, musically) I'm always happy to help out on anything that needs doing whether this involves criteria questions, management issues or lifting boxes.
Mark Denton
Pure Retirement is a very customer focused company, that delivers exceptional results and service, by investing heavily in its people and culture. I truly enjoy working here, feel appreciated and can confidently approach senior management with ideas and be taken seriously. I enjoy the challenges and rewards people management brings and feel that Pure allows me to really achieve my potential through a great support network.
Michelle Hawley
I have been working at Pure for 18 months now.  I am an underwriter at Pure and also work in the servicing team. The thing I most enjoy is the fact that we provide excellent customer service.  We are rewarded for working hard and I do not feel that we are just another number. We are appreciated .I am married to Dean and have two boys Mathew who is 27 and Lewis who is 17.  In my spare time I have just taken up cycling which is great fun and a good way to keep fit. Although, I won't be doing the tour de France any time soon there is nothing better than been out in the fresh air burning those calories.
Daniel Crowther
I’m fairly new to the company but from my first couple of weeks I can see myself embedding into this culture very well. It is great to finally be working in a relaxed and friendly office, and one I feel gets the best out of the employees. Outside of the office you can usually find me in the kitchen, as I am an avid chef, and gastronomer. On most days you will usually find me in the gym, deadlifting small vehicles and looking at myself in the mirrors, and then the rest of this time I will probably consuming some sort of Cabernet Sauvignon as long as it pre-dates 2010 (That’s my cut off).
Zach Hodkinson
I joined Pure in May 2017, having worked in equity release for 4 years previously.  I’ve had a really good experience so far & everyone gets on so well.  Pure really value and encourage their staff and there is a real drive forward for growth and improvement.   I support Burnley FC and also enjoy watching formula one and a game of poker now and then.
Patrick Courtney
Having joined the company in May 2017I am still fairly new to Pure but the office environment is very friendly and I have been made to feel part of the team. Being part of a smaller company gives me greater job satisfaction as you can see the day-to-day impact you are having. In my spare time I am usually either playing football or at Elland Road cheering on Leeds United. I enjoy travelling & I have spent a year in Australia & South East Asia.
Naila Mir
I joined Pure 6 months ago as a Property Underwriter and enjoy my role with the company as well as working for a friendly company. I have been underwriting for over 6 years having previously worked with Lloyds and have mainly worked in various role dealing with mainstream mortgages.  Outside of work I love cricket, I used to play but now a days it’s a matter of watching when I can. I love a good challenge and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I recently started boxing which is something that I am very passionate about and do like to watch it on TV. I tend to think out of the box and live for the day with my favourite quote being “Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever” Mahatma Gandhi. My heroes are my dad, Muhammed Ali, Mahatma Gandhi and Jane Austen.   I would say my spirit animal is a wolf and my Patronas is a Tiger. I also like reading with my all-time favourite being Jane Austen’s Pride and prejudice, Charlotte Bronte’s Jayne Eyre and Bram Stokers Dracula and have a English language/literature degree. I have been lucky to have travelled to some beautiful countries and enjoy learning about different cultures. I would love to one day travel the world and write a blog about my adventures being the modern day Phileas Fogg.
Oliver Stockton
I Joined Pure in May 2017 Previously I was an underwriter at Barclays. I am really enjoying it here because of the great customer focus and team environment. Outside of work I enjoy socialising, signing up to sporting events and then not training for them. People comment on my magical qualities my patronus would be pickle rick.

Broker Support

Rupi Marwaha
Since joining Pure just short of 3 years ago I've had the most enjoyable experience within a working environment. I started as a member of the Broker support team and very quickly progressed to a senior and now I am the Administration Manager with a team of 13 to look after! The one thing that brings me into work each morning is working with my fabulous team, I feel we all have a great working relationship and yes I am seen as the Agony Aunt of Pure Retirement by many. I have grown with the company and helped embed our company values, the greatest achievement for me whilst working at Pure has got to be helping individuals progress within the company and seeing them achieve their goals, this is deeply satisfying.When I get a chance to let my hair down I enjoy exploring the world or having a relaxing day at the spa with a nice bottle of wine!
Victoria Vanaga
I have been in Pure for a year now and I'm extremely happy here. I have the opportunity to get better at what I do every single day. In my opinion this company gives people a chance to get better at what they do, and to serve a purpose or fulfil a need that's important to them. I'm passionate about photography and design, as well as art and foreign languages. I always like to explore and develop my skills set.
Amy Faulkiner
I’ve been working at Pure for over 3 years now. I started my Pure career as a Broker Support administrator and throughout my time here, I have been given the opportunity to develop myself and others around me. I have recently been promoted to the Administration Team Leader. I really enjoy the variety of tasks within my role as no two days are the same. I like the ‘laid back’ atmosphere in the office and everyone here is approachable and friendly. Teamwork plays a massive part in what we do at Pure, and the whole culture and support within the business really appeals to me. In my spare time I enjoy socialising with friends and family, watching the occasional reality show on TV and I also look forward to a day at the Races whenever I get chance to go.
Calvin Shaw
I really enjoy working in an environment where everyone helps each other and supports each other continuously. Love the way we are all rewarded for the success of the company and for the hard work we all put in. It's also the small touches of thanks and treats from the seniors and management that make it all worthwhile. Outside of work I can be found taxiing my kids around North Yorkshire to gym comps and football matches, and sometimes, when the weather allows, I can be found hacking it round Fulford Golf Club or at Headingley watching the Rhinos.
Sarah Winterbottom
I have the only been with Pure a few months but the atmosphere is happy and friendly. Everyone is always cheerful. In my spare time I enjoy to festivals, gigs and staying at home with my cats watching T.V and playing video games.
Hayley Corts
I have worked for Pure Retirement just under two years now and thoroughly enjoy it. The company itself gives you the ability to interact with lots of positive polite and friendly people in clients, brokers and colleagues. Working for Pure gives you the flexibility to do different tasks every day which makes every day exciting. In my own time I enjoy juggling the duties of being a new mum, exercising and exploring new adventures, whilst also following rugby league as I am a passionate fan of the sport.
Ellis Pepworth
I have recently joined the mortgage processing team and I am so grateful of how everyone has welcomed me and made me feel like part of the team after such a short space of time. Outside of work I enjoy going to the gym, holidays, socialising and nights out! People would most probably describe me as extremely outgoing, bubbly and approachable as I love meeting new people.
Egle Masiuliene
In my role as a case handler I help mortgage cases to go through to completion on a daily basis which I find very interesting and rewarding. I have 5 years' experience in financial services and it is very satisfying to be able to apply my previous experience at my current role. Since starting my career journey with Pure I have learned a lot  and met many friendly, positive, experienced and helpful people. I love how we keep things simple and enjoyable for everybody at the office.  When not at work I dedicate my time to family and friends. I enjoy planning family and friends get together ‘s, trips and holidays.   
Aysha Begum
I love how we work as a team and achieve goals. Everyday is a busy day, with such a varied role there's never time to be bored which is a bonus for me. Outside of work I love getting my creative side out through design and photography. I love great scenery and want to travel to different countries and witness them myself.
Julie Brown
I joined Pure just over a year ago and it was the best move I have ever made. The team are great and easy to get on with. I enjoy my role as Broker Support as it is such a varied role and it can change from one day to the next depending on how busy the team is. When I am not at work I am usually found out in the garden or at places like Brands Hatch, Silverstone or Donnington watching British Touring Cars - for those that don’t know, I am a bit of a petrol head.
Ben Phillips
Hello, I'm Ben! I started as a Mortgage Processor in March. I wanted to work for Pure partially due to the amount of awards that Pure have accrued in such a short timeframe, but also the company's values of: "Honesty, simplicity and responsibility". Out of work my hobbies include music (going to live gigs and reluctantly organising them sometimes), films (I am a film nerd), comics and gaming. Recently I have started kickboxing. Also, I have a pet tortoise called George!
Lesley Garbutt
I have joined Pure Retirement after working for many years in the Financial Sector. After leaving school my first role was at Lloyds Bank. I then moved to Scottish Life Assurance Company, now Royal London, where I worked in Pensions, Mortgages and Life Assurance until 2003 when I was made redundant. I started working for a Mortgage Distributer in 2003, where I obtained the recognised CeMap paper for Mortgages and I have spent the last year working for a local Mortgage Broker. Outside of work, I like to visit the gym, practice yoga and spend time with family & friends.
Catherine Dwyer
Although I only started with Pure in August 2017, I have been in the Banking and Finance Industry for (well!) over 30 years - primarily in Secured Lending - with Lloyds.  I have also previously been heavily involved with Training and was very pleased to discover that the training here is excellent.  Everyone has been so welcoming and it makes a great change to be part of a smaller growing business than being a small cog in a very large wheel. Outside of work, I am usually outside - literally.  I enjoy walking, gardening and sea swimming (though this tends to be seasonal of course).
Beth Lavin
I have recently joined the Pure team, coming from a remortgage background.  Being part of such a warm and energetic team from the get-go was a wonderful welcome to the company and as the team and company continue to grow, I look forward to being part of such a forward-thinking and ambitious business. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring stately homes, string-based classical music and whipping up a croquembouche or 7.
Natalie Hawkins
I joined Pure Retirement in January this year and it really is a great place to work! The atmosphere is always very positive and the teams are so helpful and friendly. I’m really happy and very grateful to be part of Pure. When I’m not working, you’ll probably find me with my two dogs, Jaxon and Cooper, both Yorkies, both a little naughty but both very cute!
Edgars Vansovics
I joined Pure Retirement friendly and professional family in April 2017 and my role is to be the "face" and "voice" of the initial application process, carry out the initial checks of the application and keep everyone updated of the application progress. Before joining Pure Retirement I worked for a law firm dealing with re-mortgages. After work I enjoy spending time with my family, watching movies, learning Spanish and travelling.
Nicola Battle
I have only been at Pure a short amount of time but I am finding it a great place to work. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and has a positive outlook on their work and the business. My decision to come to Pure has most definitely been the right one! Outside of work I love spending time with my friends and family.

Technical Services

Simon Hayton
Why do I travel over a hundred miles a day across the Pennines? Because working at Pure is worth it. From the top down we're passionate about what we do and how we do it. Most importantly, we do it with integrity. I've worked nearly 20 years in Financial Services across processing, administration, sales, underwriting and operations for both brokers and lenders and there aren't many companies like Pure. What do I do? Ultimately, I try to; add value wherever I can, improve processes, maintain systems, give guidance, answer the difficult questions, support innovation, and play more guitar. When I'm not working you'll find me in my home city of Manchester either rehearsing with my band "Voodoo Cartel", mixing the odd cocktail or out and about seeing live music.
Steve Bromley
Moving to Pure in 2013 from a secure job with an established financial institute was a huge gamble but looking back today I am extremely proud I did. From being part of a company consisting of only five members in 2013 to Forty-two in 2017, Pure has developed in to an established name in the equity release market and being part of this change has been fantastic. From a personal point of view Pure has given me opportunities to develop and has supported my career aspirations, something I have never really experienced from previous companies. Starting as an underwriter I worked my way up to being part of the newly established technical services team. My role in this team allows me the opportunity to move Pure forward and to keep us competitive with our competition. Outside of Pure my time is usually spent with the family, however I do try to have a cheeky pint every Friday in Headingly!
Richard Brunt
I joined Pure in April 2015 and never looked back! Pure is always evolving by adapting to change, recruiting people and creating new roles. Plus, I have great colleagues, who all make ‘the daily grind' pretty awesome! As well as developing itself Pure cares about developing it's people. I started in the Broker support team, moved into a Case handler role and was fortunate enough to explore my skill set in a way I hadn't been able to elsewhere. Pure helped me grow and develop, as a result I've now moved into an IT role in Technical Services, which I love. When I'm not working I enjoy going to the cinema, gym and pub. But my favourite thing is getting in the garden, digging stuff up and moving things about, much to the dismay of the other half!

Marketing, Communications & Distribution

Rachel Pease
The great thing about my role is that it's so varied - always lots going on to get my teeth into, and I get to indulge my creative side which is great. In my spare time I use any excuse to socialise, from games nights to gin club to a Yorkshire take on Come dine with me. I also like to take advantage of Leeds great theatre shows and travel as much as I possibly can - unlikely to fit in a visit to every country in one lifetime but I can try!
CaseyLeigh McDonnell
Since joining Pure I've experienced the most positive, friendly conversations with the team that I'm very humbled to be a part of. The working culture and values of Pure is inspiring and like no other place I've ever worked. My role is very diverse which is why I admire Marketing, I'm always learning something new and applying my creativity in as many ways possible. Outside of Pure, you'll probably find me in various coffee shops fuelling my love for coffee or exploring a new city and taking photos of pretty much everything.
Chris Flowers
Working for Pure Retirement is like no other company I've worked for, it has a great atmosphere and is like one big family. My role involves being the face of Pure in the South, meeting brokers and helping them find solutions for their clients. This role means a lot of driving, so this means when I am not working I enjoy nothing more than putting my feet up watching a bit of reality TV or in the gym running off the alcohol from a night out with my friends. I think my colleagues would describe me as loud, challenging, knowledgeable and dedicated.
Alan Dugdale
I have worked in the equity release sector for 19 years and am very passionate about the industry. I joined Pure in November 2014 -  a few months before launch, when there was only a handful of us and it's been great to see the company flourish and grow into an multi award winning established lender. I very much enjoy the interaction that I have with all customers from the one man bands to large specialist intermediaries and clubs. When not working, I enjoy walking, golfing and am a passionate Burnley FC fan.
Phil Totty
I've been in financial services for over 25 years and have a wealth of experience across a wide spectrum of the industry. In addition to being an adviser I've had many years' business and management experience in both the corporate and personal sector holding senior positions in Banks and IFA companies. I have two grown up children currently at university. Away from the office I enjoy getting out and about on 2 wheels, both cycling and motorcycling. I also enjoy watching Cricket, socialising and fundraising for local charities.
Craig Faulkiner
Having worked in the equity release sector for over 8 years, I'm fairly new to Pure Retirement. Previous roles include advising day-to-day on equity release and managing a team of 12 equity release advisors. My new role is Strategic Account manager, which is predominantly office based BDM to our 2 largest accounts. The role is challenging, but varied, no 2 days are the same and the autonomy Pure gives to its staff is very rewarding and is giving me a great insight to a part of the industry I've never been involved with. We're a very colleague orientated business who put its staff and clients at the forefront of everything we do. I think my colleagues would describe me as hard-working, analytical & helpful. Outside of work I enjoy playing football, watching most sports (big Leeds Utd & Rhinos fan), avoiding the gym at all costs and travelling.
Ria Marshall
I am a new member of the Marketing team here at Pure and I love the atmosphere so far. The team feel more like a family than work colleagues which in turn gives me a sense of ease when it comes to questions about my job role. I am a recent graduate from University and was worried about joining a team that was not supportive however the second I stepped foot in Pure I knew this would not be the case. Outside of work you will most likely find me in some kind of museum (especially if it's an exhibition related to Titanic) or possibly with my nose in a book (normally Titanic related), I have an obsession with the Titanic...


Rebecca Devonport
At pure, I have been given the opportunity to build a career within a welcoming and supportive environment and have joined a friendly team who share my sense of humour. I was excited to join Pure from the offset as it was apparent that this is a company who actively invests in their people... also I heard there was pizza. As a compliance assistant my work ranges across all areas of the business which offers a varied work load. There is always something new to learn as the financial and regulatory sectors change, throwing up new challenges to overcome. In my spare time I like to wrestle alligators and walk my dog (who also wrestles alligators)... some of those may or may not be true.
Ed Halliwell
After university I attended the College of Law before joining Barclays Bank Plc to handle their complaints just as the endowment selling scandal hit in the late 90's. I then joined Cavendish Equity Release, one of the few equity release intermediaries in UK and Reversionary lenders in the UK at the time. After this I joined Pure in June 2015 and I am committed to making the compliance regime in Pure transparent and approachable. In my spare time I would like to have hobbies but I spend most of my time playing taxi for my three children and unblocking the shower plughole due to hair blockages. A pass time made all the more horrific as it reminds me of my own lack of hair. I recall the 80's and 90's and therefore have a distant recollection of when chart music was good.
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