What Is An EPC Report?

An Energy Performance Certificate sets out the energy efficiency of a property on a traffic light system of A to G, with A being the most efficient.

An EPC provides an indication of how much it will cost to improve the energy rating of your customers' property with indicative costs for changes.

Recommendations which will lessen the environmental impact of the property can include:

  • Better insulation
  • Improving double glazing
  • Low-energy lighting

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What Are The Benefits For My Customer?

This latest offering comes at a time when home improvements are a major reason for funds usage among equity release consumers.

Four in five people see energy efficiency as important, but currently it is estimated that only one in three people are looking to make improvements to the energy efficiencies of their home. This accounts for 15m properties in England and Wales requiring changes to receive an EPC rating of C.

Source: Halifax

Classic Flexible Pricing

Offering some of the lowest lifetime mortgage rates

Create A Classic KFI

How It Works

The EPC assessment is available to new Classic lifetime
mortgage plan holders on completion.

The survey will be carried out by our third party partner,
Vibrant Energy Matters. Customers will be contacted by the
EPC assessors within five weeks of completion, to confirm
if the customer would like to receive an Energy Performance

One Tree Planted For Every
Classic Completion

As part of our commitment to tackle climate change,
we have partnered with Tree-Nation to plant one tree
per new Classic completion.

About Tree-Nation

Tree-Nation is a non-profit organisation that allows companies to plant trees all around the world to offset
CO2 emissions.

Tree-Nation gathers and coordinates reforestation efforts worldwide in a unique platform, enabling every citizen, company and planter to take action. They are currently home to 94 planting projects in 33 different countries.

Helping hands holding a plant
Helping hands holding a plant

Our Commitment To Society

At Pure, we aim to make a positive contribution within our own market and to the wider world around us. More than ever we recognise we need to operate as a responsible business and that climate change is one of the biggest issues facing society.

We are committed to offsetting our carbon emissions and hope in the future to operate as a net zero organisation looking at our business mileage, paper usage and electricity consumption as a starting point.

Read our Corporate Social Responsibility Brochure

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