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Pure Retirement Partner With My Care Consultant on New Care Box Project

3rd September 2019

Pure Retirement are pleased to announce their partnership with My Care Consultant on their latest CareBox project, providing a members-only technical resource for financial services professionals, financial advisers and support staff by offering tools, information and support on care-related topics and the ways to pay for care.

With later life lending and other financial avenues increasingly being used to cover long-term care costs, there’s no better time for the two sectors to create a greater synergy, and Pure Retirement has spent the last twelve months working closely with My Care Consultant’s Managing Director, Jacqueline Berry, who has a wealth of experience in working both with financial advisers and directly with consumers, benefitting from her input into both adviser-facing roadshows and webinars.

The new Pure-led project will see 100 single-year licences (worth £150 each) made available free of charge to advisers, granting them access to a wealth of resources to benefit both them and their customers. In doing so Pure Retirement continue their long-standing commitment to offering financial advisers cost-effective means to better reach and serve their customers, with recent highlights of their sponsorship of the AiRSourcing platform and the development of their own bespoke marketing resources for advisers.

As part of the CareBox programme, Pure Retirement have also worked with My Care Consultant to produce a 32-page specialist guide entitled The Role Of Residential Property In Paying For Care, which has been designed as a single-point of information for advisers wanting to know more about how their clients’ homes can be used to ensure they receive the care they need.

Speaking of the partnership, Pure Retirement’s Head of Intermediary Sales, Chris Flowers, says "All of us at Pure Retirement recognise the importance of developing valuable partnerships not only with those directly within the later life lending sector, but also key associated areas of expertise. We’ve enjoyed working with My Care Consultant on a number of projects over the past year, and it’s gratifying to take that relationship to the next level in a way that continues to support the wider market. These new resources will help to improve understanding of an area which is a key consideration to our core audience."

My Care Consultant’s Jacqueline Berry adds "Given the UK’s demographic changes, the increasing number of people requiring social care in later life, and with a large proportion of property wealth across the UK being owned by older people approaching or in retirement, property is increasingly playing a central role in care funding. It’s therefore critical that advisers develop an understanding of how financial planning and care advice interacts to ensure best consumer outcomes. It’s really pleasing to be able to team up with one of the market’s leading lenders to help achieve this. We’ve enjoyed an ongoing relationship with Pure Retirement and have seen first-hand their dedication to providing the wider market with resources such as roadshows, webinars and their market-leading marketing toolkit. As such, we’re delighted that such a major presence within the market has chosen to partner with us in this way."

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