Monthly Repayment Calculator

Classic and Sovereign Lifetime Mortgages allow 10% ERC-free repayments per year, whilst the Emerald range allows up to 12%. For each range 12 payments can be made within a year.

To help demonstrate the benefits of making monthly repayments we have created a monthly repayment calculator. Simply enter the property value, loan size, interest rate, payment amount and house price growth % and the calculator will show the impact these payments have on the balance, the equity remaining and if any ERCs are applicable.

Payments exceed 10% of the Initial Advance in 12 month period therefore ERCs will apply on Classic and Sovereign products. Our Emerald range product allows up to 12%, Heritage Freedom range allows up to 20% or 40% overpayments per annum ERC-free.

Maximum Monthly Payment Possible Without ERCs:

Monthly Payment To Cover Interest:

Note: Minimum and maximum payment rules apply please refer to your KFI/Offer for full details.

This is for illustration purposes only.

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