Heritage Product Range in Detail

Customers can enjoy the flexibility of our Heritage Lifetime Mortgages. ERC-free early repayment options available. Heritage Special now has no arrangement fees.

  • No negative equity guarantee
  • ERC free repayments
  • Porting available
  • Fixed ERCs
  • Variable ERCs
  • Cashback available
  • Drawdown facility

Conditions and Details

Criteria Information
Age limits Minimum Age: 55
Maximum Age: 85
Property Location England, Wales and Scotland
Property Value Minimum Property Value: £70,000
Max Property Value: No maximum.
Loan Size Minimum Loan Size: £10,000
Max Loan Size: £800,000
Drawdown Facility Both lump sum and drawdown products are available
Minimum Drawdown Facility: £500
Maximum Drawdown Facility: £200,000
Cashback Cashback available on selected products.
Partial Repayments Up to 6 repayments can be made of up to 10% of the advance amount per year ERC free. The minimum partial repayment amount is £500.
Loan to Values (LTVs) Maximum LTVs 10.00 - 50.50%
Early Repayment Charges (ERCs) Fixed ERCs are available. For more details, please see the ERC guide.
Set up Costs For set-up costs please see the Tariff of Charges.
Porting The lifetime mortgage can be transferred to a new property, subject to it meeting lending criteria at the time.
Downsizing ERC Exemption There is no downsizing ERC exemption covered in the Heritage plans

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